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The Future of Work 2.0: Navigating the Transition to New Possibilities

Every aspect of society is facing a transformation brought about by advances in digital, network, and data-intensive technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Challenges to workers and the impact of automation and AI on jobs have been splashed across the business headlines.  Businesses are talent intensive, and many are approaching the automation of work and advances in artificial reality as an opportunity to reduce the number of employees.  This Roundtable will move beyond familiar discussions and fears about automation in the work landscape and explore how the advances in technology can bring new opportunities to companies and workers to create new value for the firm, customers, and workers of all types.

This event is associated with the biennial Institutional Innovation Roundtable series and is by invitation only.

Event information
Thu Aug 9, 2018 - Sat Aug 11, 2018
Aspen Meadows
Aspen, CO