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2014 Global Forum on Energy, Economy and Security: “Adapting to Plenty: Effects of the Oil and Gas Boom”

The Global Forum invites about 70 US and international leaders, primarily from industry and government, for a dialogue around the complex and interconnected realms of energy, economy, and security. This year, the 10th annual Forum, the subject will be¬†“Adapting to Plenty: Effects of the Oil and Gas Boom.” Specific topics will include additional innovation and potential bottlenecks; innovations in transportation fuels, reform of the Mexican petroleum sector, direct foreign investment in North America, the new definition of energy security, crude oil ¬†exports, prop sects and problems of North American shale gas production, LNG exports and global trade, methane emissions and other environmental issues, and environmental obstacles to new pipelines.

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Mon Jul 7, 2014 - Thu Jul 10, 2014
6:30pm - 12:00pm GMT+0000
Aspen, CO 81611, United States