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Heading a Global Organization in a time of International and National Turmoil

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The second half of the 20th century marked an extended period of unique stability in international and national affairs. Unrest occurred in regions throughout the world, but no events on a global scale affected the moment of relative calm. 2020 brought a global pandemic and with it the pressure to reveal centuries of racial and social tension. Black Lives Matter, and American movement born of this country’s fraught relationship with slavery, became an international phenomenon. The pandemic and its economic fallout has revealed many countries weakest points and leaves the leaders of global organizations with a unique minefield. 

Daniel Porterfield, Aspen Institute President and CEO was joined by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, they discussed how they are meeting these challenges and navigating their organizations through this complex world.

Our panelists had a frank and productive conversation around leading organizations in today’s climate. Below, please find resources provided by our panelists on this subject. Please feel free to share this content with friends and colleagues.


SHRM Resources on Equity and Inclusion:

Books Johnny and Dan are reading to help them lead in this moment:

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Tue Aug 4, 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT