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Latino Business & Entrepreneurship Summit 2021: Fostering Economic Resiliency in Latino Cities & Communities

The Aspen Latino Business and Entrepreneurship Summit brings together cross-sector leaders from cities participating in the Aspen City Learning and Action Lab. Cities include Chicago, Miami, El Paso, San Antonio, Phoenix and San Bernardino. Leaders from the public, private, and civic sectors at both the national and local levels will be participating in the Summit. Participants will amplify best practices to enhance and elevate the economic power of Latino entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the United States. Key to the discussion will be identifying the policies, practices, and systems needed to enable Latino businesses to recover, grow and thrive in these uncertain times.

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This is a hybrid event. Please reach out to Eddy Encinales if you are interested in attending in person.  Registration link is to attend the virtual live stream attendance.

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Unleashing the Power of Latina Entrepreneurs

Preparing Workers for the Jobs of Today and Tomorrow

Tapping Procurement and Supplier Diversity: Scaling Up Hispanic-owned Businesses

The Green Economy: Building Resiliency for Latino-owned Businesses

Open for Business: Unleashing Latino Business Potential through Digital Inclusion

Access to Capital to Scale Latino-owned Businesses Two-Part session


Event information
Wed Oct 27, 2021
8:30am - 4:00pm EDT
Washington, DC; Virtual