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Long-Term Capitalism

Maintaining the Strength of American Capitalism

The strength and fairness of American capitalism is under intense scrutiny. The U.S. economy is characterized by vast levels of income and wealth inequality, growing pessimism about the state of economic opportunity and mobility, increased market concentration in many sectors, and a precarious fiscal situation. In response to these challenges, frustrated Americans and the policy makers who represent them show an increasing appetite for bold new policies that would significantly expand the role of government.

Which trends pose the greatest threat to the strength of American capitalism? Is far greater redistribution through tax and spending policies necessary? Would proposed reforms, such as Medicare for All and Universal Basic Income achieve their desired outcomes?

This event will feature distinguished experts and practitioners who will clarify existing facts and consider evidence-based policy responses to the challenges that threaten to undermine the strength and fairness of American capitalism. This event will also coincide with the release of the policy volume Maintaining the Strength of American Capitalism, a collection of eight policy memos written by leading experts on some of the key challenges confronting the American economy.

Featured speakers:
Erskine Bowles, Economic Strategy Group
Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Economic Strategy Group and Paulson Institute
Melissa S. Kearney, Economic Strategy Group and University of Maryland
Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates
Jason Furman, Harvard Kennedy School
Chris Hughes, Economic Security Project
Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal
Damon Jones, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
Thomas Philippon, New York University Stern School of Business
Nancy Rose, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert E. Rubin, Council on Foreign Relations and Centerview Partners
Jim Tankersley, The New York Times

Event information
Fri Dec 6, 2019
8:30am - 12:00pm EDT
8th Floor Conference Center
2300 N Street, NW
Washington, DC