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Dacher Keltner on Awe

Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life
Featuring Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and faculty director of the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center, in conversation with Carolyne Heldman,  producer and host of “Behind the Lens,” a weekly podcast for the non-profit news organization The Lens in New Orleans. In Keltner’s new book, Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How it Can Transform Your Life (January 2023), Keltner presents a radical investigation and deeply personal inquiry into this elusive emotion. Revealing new research into how awe transforms our brains and bodies, alongside an examination of awe across history, culture, and within his own life during a period of grief, Keltner will explore how cultivating awe in our everyday life leads us to appreciate what is most humane in our human nature
Live event, Paepcke Auditorium

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You can purchase his book Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How it can Transform Your Life here. Books will also be available for purchase at the event. Book signing to follow.

“Read this book to connect with your highest self.”
—Susan Cain, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet and Quiet

“We need more awe in our lives, and Dacher Keltner has written the definitive book on where to find it.”
—Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again

Awe is awesome in both senses: a superb analysis of an emotion that is strongly felt but poorly understood, with a showcase of examples that remind us of what is worthy of our awe.”
—Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of How the Mind Works and Rationality

Dacher Keltner ( is a Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley and faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center ( Dacher’s research focuses on the biological and cultural evolution of compassion, awe, love, beauty, and humility, as well as power, social class, and inequality ( Dacher is the author of many scientific articles and several books, including Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life, The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence, and AWE: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How it Can Transform Your Life. Dacher has won many research, teaching, and service awards, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has consulted for Apple, Pinterest, Google, the Sierra Club, and was a scientific consultant for Pixar’s Inside Out and Soul and for the Center for Constitutional Rights in its work to outlaw solitary confinement. 

Carolyne Heldman Rovira has been in media for 35 years, and is currently the podcast host and producer for The Lens, a non-profit news organization in New Orleans. Prior to that she served as Executive Director at Aspen Public Radio where she launched four weekly news, public affairs, and cultural affairs programs and live Town Hall broadcasts. She serves on the board of Aspen Journalism and lives in Old Snowmass with her husband Doug.


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Event information
Thu Aug 17, 2023
6:00pm - 7:00pm MDT
Paepcke Auditorium
1000 N. Third St.
Aspen, CO