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Murdock Mind, Body, Spirit Series – Blue Zones: Secrets of a Long Life

Featuring Tony Buettner, national spokesperson and senior vice president of business development at Blue Zones, an organization that puts the learnings of the world’s longest-lived people to work in people’s lives, families and communities. Tony is a former expedition member, explorer and brother of National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, who researched and discovered these places around the world where many factors combine to allow people to live longer and better, known as Blue Zones. As the lead on all Blue Zones Community projects, Tony helps build partnerships between states, communities and employers to bring health and longevity initiatives that have empowered and delivered measurable results in eight states and 30 communities across the country to date. Tony discussed the research that serves as the foundation for the Blue Zones methodology and shared insight into what factors help to create a Blue Zone community.


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Fri Feb 26, 2016
5:30pm - 6:30pm GMT+0000
Paepcke Auditorium
1000 N Third St
Aspen, CO, United States