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Koran By Heart, NEW VIEWS: Documentaries & Dialogue

Once a year, the brightest kids from across the Islamic world head to Cairo for the world’s oldest Koran reciting contest. They must not only repeat randomly selected passages down to the last perfect syllable, but also must perform to the highest standards of tajweed, ancient rules governing melody and rhythm. The film follows three extraordinary 10-year-olds: Nabiollah, from Tajikistan, has never attended school; Senegalese Djamil, an imam’s son, carries the weight of his village’s expectations; Rifdha, from the Maldives, is exceedingly bright but must take the path her father sets out for her. A compelling look at a generation caught between fundamentalist and moderate Islam.

Guest: Director Greg Barker

NEW VIEWS is generously sponsored by Toby Lewis, Judi and Alan Altman, Mel and Paulette Blumenthal, and Pete and Sam Louras.

Fee: $17 Tickets on sale June 28 at

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Mon Jul 25, 2011
7:30pm - 10:00pm GMT+0000
Aspen, CO, United States