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Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship Class 7: Values in Tension in Public Education

The Pahara-Aspen Fellowship seeks to strengthen and sustain diverse, high-potential leaders who are reimagining public education. Using a time-tested method of text-based dialogue, the program provides participants the opportunity to reflect on the values and tensions involved in effective and enlightened leadership across the public, nonprofit and private sectors.

Each cohort of Fellows consists of 20-24 exceptional men and women who undertake a program of four advanced leadership seminars over the course of two years, under the direction of experienced moderators. In addition to these seminars —which feature thought-provoking readings and discussions about leadership, diversity, and important issues in public education and social change — the program consists of a leadership project, as well as alumni events.

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Wed Jul 9, 2014 - Sun Jul 13, 2014
9:00am - 5:00pm GMT+0000