Europe and Russia

Peter Wittig, Germany’s Ambassador to the United States

Event information
Thu Jan 26, 2017
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Wye River Campus
Houghton House
Wye River, MD
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Dr. Peter Wittig, Germany’s Ambassador to the United States since April 2014, will give us his perspective on the United States since the election, and its relations with a changing Germany and the European Union post-Brexit.

The United States is undergoing a post-election self-analysis and a pre-President Trump transition unlike any we have recently seen. Germany is preparing for federal elections as it questions the values the country stands for – open immigration, anti-extremism, military pacifism, economic strength – and whether they can be defended. And the European Union is reeling after the surprising Brexit vote by the United Kingdom and challenges to the EU’s very existence from many member countries.