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Public Programs 2010

The 2010 Aspen Institute Public Programs — The Aspen Security Forum, the Aspen Ideas Festival and the Aspen Environment Forum — are a major part of the mission of the Aspen Institute. Passes for all three events will be available to members of the Aspen Institute Society of Fellows October 26, 2009.

2010 Aspen Security Forum
June 28 – June 30 • The Aspen Institute, Aspen, Colorado

Years have passed since 9/11 without another terror attack. But, while America is safer, we are not yet safe. The health care debate, the slow-recovering economy, and other domestic issues understandably dominate the national agenda today, but terrorism remains a major short-term and long-term threat to the nation. To address this still urgent issue, the Aspen Security Forum will bring together toplevel government officials, industry leaders, and leading thinkers for two days of in-depth discussions at our Aspen Meadows campus in Aspen, Colorado, on the state of transportation security, intelligence, border security, emergency preparedness, counterterrorism and infrastructure protection.

Registration: Begins October 26 for the Society of Fellows*;
November 2 for the general public.
For more information:
Contact: Josh Diamonstein,

2010 Aspen Ideas Festival
July 5 – 11 • The Aspen Institute, Aspen Colorado

Over the past five years some of the most inspiring and provocative writers, artists, scientists, business leaders, educators, economists, doctors, foreign policy experts, and political leaders – drawn from myriad fields, from across the country and around the world – have gathered in Aspen to talk, teach, debate, question, and think out loud. Aspen Ideas Festival offers a remarkable chance to join this outstanding group of thinkers and delve deeply into the issues and ideas that are shaping our future.

The Festival will span a week, engaging its participants in a variety of panel discussions, tutorials, seminars and other events that promise robust intellectual exchange. It being designed with special emphasis on “IDEAS IN ACTION” – spotlighting cutting-edge – or timeless – thinking becomes action that makes a difference. We’ll enlist innovators, and proven success stories from the world of technology, foreign policy, culture, economics, the environment, and the arts. We will also focus on Latin America, alongside global challenges in water, health, and education.

Registration: Begins October 26 for the Society of Fellows*;
November 2 for the general public.
For more information:
Contact: Deborah Murphy,

 2010 Aspen Environment Forum
July 25 – 28 • The Aspen Institute, Aspen, Colorado

The Aspen Environment Forum, presented by the Institute’s Energy and Environment Program and National Geographic, convenes policy experts, scientists, journalists, energy professionals, environment leaders, and other knowledgeable and committed voices in the field to explore challenges, probe complex issues, and offer up solutions at the intersection of energy and environment.

The 2010 Forum, taking place July 25–28 in Aspen, will present discussions on topics including climate change, renewable energy policy, innovation and technology, efficiency, conservation, and more with the goals of raising awareness, stimulating new thinking, building understanding and consensus, and inspiring commitment to action.

This Forum, now in its third year, is part convocation, part roundtable, and part local town meeting. It combines experts, insiders, and the public in a manner seen nowhere else, complimented by the award-winning and stunning visual imagery and storytelling of National Geographic.

Registration: Begins October 26 for the Society of Fellows*;
November 2 for the general public
For more information:
Contact: Andrea Browne-Philips,

The 2010 Aspen Institute Public Programs will include: The Aspen Security Forum June 29-July1, the Aspen Ideas Festival July 5-11 and the Aspen Environment Forum July 25-28. Passes go on sale to Aspen Society of Fellows members October 26 and to the general public November 2.

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Tue Jun 1, 2010 - Tue Aug 31, 2010
Aspen, CO