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Roundtable on Talent Development

The Roundtable on Talent Development is a private seminar of 20-25 top level executives and thought leaders. The concept behind this series comes from the work of John Hagel and John Seely Brown, co-chairs of the Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation. Increasingly, firms and organizations will be organized around the need to access talent, inside and outside the organization, and this has significant impact on how the firm is structured and operated.  The aim for this series is to develop those and other insights into plans for action.

The second annual Aspen Institute Roundtable on Talent Development will take place from July 29-31, 2010. The theme of this year’s Roundtable is “Solving the Dilbert Paradox”. The “Dilbert Paradox” finds expression in wasted opportunities for organizational learning, collaboration, and access to knowledge and ideas outside the corporate hierarchy.

The 2010 Roundtable will address how firms and organizations can overcome the Dilbert Paradox, to maximize the innovation and productivity that talent – inside and outside of the organizational walls – can offer.  To do this, 20-25 top-level executives and thought leaders will explore issues of organizational structure, technology, culture, leadership and policy.

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Thu Jul 29, 2010 - Sat Jul 31, 2010
Aspen, CO, United States