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Socrates Japan 2017

Order Amid Chaos: Major Trends Shaping the Future of Technology, Business and Society

Digital technology is radically changing just about everything we do, from how we raise families and run businesses to how societies govern themselves. Optimists welcome this shift, arguing that technology is gradually maturing and headed in an overall positive direction. Are they right? What are the most important trends, both existing and emergent, and how can we prepare for them? What are the specific ways in which technological change is improving our individual and collective lives? How is it affecting productivity and the nature of leadership? What are the dark sides? How is this shift affecting the workforce, especially in light of the rise of artificial intelligence? We’ll examine a number of current trends including the new automation revolution and the rise of social media as a political force. Are robots a solution to declining birthrates in developed countries? How is the digital public sphere shaping elections, news and government? We will also look at the growing chorus of technology skeptics who contend that we’re losing touch with the qualitative, spiritual, human aspects of existence that make life worth living.

WilliamPowersModerated by WILLIAM POWERSauthor of the New York Times Bestseller Hamlet’s Blackberry

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Thu Oct 12, 2017 - Sun Oct 15, 2017
Otsu, Japan