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Socrates New York Salon

Transformational Business: Inclusion, Leadership and Culture

This seminar will explore the intersection of business culture, race, leadership and organizational management to look at issues of inclusion in the workplace. Most companies value diversity, which has been proven to strengthen organizations and lead to better decision-making, yet for much of corporate America, racial and other diversity continues to be at best a challenge. How do we address discrimination, unintentional bias and inequities in the workplace? How can issues of diversity be framed to link to priorities facing companies and to issues of broader concern? How can issues of collaboration and leadership (imperative to the ability to navigate change of any kind) build capacity to advance diversity related values and goals? How do companies effectively address the broader, polarized discourse about race and diversity, while pursuing effective strategies to advance full participation goals internal to companies? How do we build courageous business and leadership communities?

socrates-ny-2016-modsModerated by Susan Sturm and Heidi Brooks.

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Event information
Fri Nov 4, 2016 - Sat Nov 5, 2016
Roosevelt House
New York, NY