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2023 Socrates Romania Healthcare Seminar

On May 11-13, 2023, Aspen Institute Romania will organize an international seminar under the framework of the Aspen Healthcare & Quality of Life Program, debating the resilience of healthcare systems and key challenges in public health.

The seminar will be conducted in English and will take place at Casa Comana Resort, a picturesque location in Giurgiu, close to Bucharest. The program will begin on Thursday afternoon and conclude on Saturday afternoon, following a closing lunch. If you are interested in participating, please contact

Financing Resilience Through Innovation in Healthcare:
Is Having the Money Enough?

Public health systems of countries around the world have been put to the test by SARS-COV-2 pandemic. This unique and often allusive disease seemed perfectly designed to expose systemic weaknesses and tested the decades-old question in public health of how to balance innovation and universal healthcare.

Different healthcare systems have managed this balance differently as decision-makers and experts are discovering live the costs and benefits of these choices. This seminar will debate key challenges of different public healthcare systems and ways in which different policies and investments are shaping outcomes, looking to develop best practices for the Romanian health system. Topics will include:

Equity and innovation in health systems. Setting up an Innovation Fund in the Romanian healthcare system. Who would benefit more: the patients, the commercial actors or the state?

Models for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Value-based healthcare / Value-Based Procurement / Pay for performance payment model: is Romania prepared for it?

Funding dilemmas. How can we pay for strengthening the resilience of health systems: improving health outcomes through in-vitro diagnostics and digital health technologies

Additionally, discussions will address, more broadly, the cost of not investing in healthcare and not financing research & development. Furthermore, as a means of strengthening the resilience of public health systems, discussions will also explore how national pandemic preparedness plans should look like.

Bringing together key stakeholders from the Aspen Healthcare & Quality of Life Program Community, we will use the Aspen Method to create a group as diverse as possible in terms of professional sectors (private, public, non-profit) and gender.

Around 20 participants will debate, based on texts sent beforehand, topics relating to public policies, reforms and sustainability in the healthcare sector, focusing on the interaction between the main public, private, academic and non-governmental actors in the healthcare system.

The two moderators, Drs. Kapil Parakh and Vlad Mixich, will ask the hard questions of how nations balance healthcare for all and innovation, economic health and human lives, individual privacy and the public good.

Event information
Thu May 11, 2023 - Sat May 13, 2023
Casa Comana
Strada Gelu Naum 607
Comana 087055, Romania