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Socrates Summer Seminars

The Aspen Institute’s Socrates Society  is a forum in which emerging leaders from across sectors of society meet to explore contemporary issues through moderated dialogue. Socrates also provides the opportunity for participants to enter into a diverse professional network, and into the broader range of the Aspen Institute’s programs. At the core of Socrates is a remarkable group of emerging and recognized leaders including entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, representatives of government, international, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, academics and journalists. 

Join Socrates this summer  for one of the  five expert-moderated seminars June 26-29 in Aspen, CO, and for the  annual Socrates Society Benefit Dinner on Sunday, June 28th, featuring  New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning-author Thomas L. Friedman. More information.

The US and the Global Economy: How do we compare?
Nouriel Roubini, Ph.D, Professor of Economics Stern School of Business, New York University and Chairman of RGE Monitor 
The Truth about Going Green: How do we make sense of green investing?
William D. Browning, Founder, Terrapin Bright Green LLC

The playing field revisited: The impact of sports on our values and behavior
Jeremy Schaap, columnist, ESPN     
Social and business decision making: Hopelessly biased or improvable?
Rebecca Ratner, Professor of Marketing , University of Maryland  
Beyond the Crisis: Rethinking the Relationship between Business and Government   
Clive Crook, senior editor, The Atlantic, and chief Washington commentator of The Financial Times  


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Fri Jun 26, 2009 - Mon Jun 29, 2009
12:00am - 12:00am GMT+0000
Aspen, CO, United States