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SOF Discussion: How NFTs are Changing the Art Market

Join us for an SOF Discussion Reception: How NFTs are Changing the Art Market featuring Sarah Meyohas, conceptual artist, investor, and creator of Bitchcoin, and Neda Whitney, Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing at Christie’s America, for a conversation about the skyrocketing interest in NFTs spurred by last year’s $69 million sale of the digital mosaic Everydays by the artist Beeple. The panel will explore whether NFTs are safe assets, as well as how they are making the art market more accessible to investors and artists who previously did not participate.

*If you are not currently a member of the Society of Fellows, and are interested in joining, please contact the SOF team at (970) 544-7980 or

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Tue Feb 15, 2022
Private Venue