SOF Discussion Reception: The World: Understanding Shifting Dynamics of Today’s World Order

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Tue Jun 2, 2020
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Private Venue
Washington, DC
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With the emergence of social media and the 24 hour news cycle, geopolitics has infiltrated our daily lives in a way not seen before. As our access to information on trending topics related to climate change, trade wars, democracy, human rights, terrorism, and threats to peace grows, so does our need to understand the fundamental connections that link each to one another. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Richard Haass for a robust survey of the current geopolitical landscape and for ways in which we can become more engaged global citizens, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the complex dynamics. Moderated by Jane Harman, director and president and CEO of the Wilson Center, an internationally recognized authority on U.S. and global security issues, foreign relations, and lawmaking.

**If you are not currently a Society of Fellows members, but are interested in joining, please contact the SOF team at sof@aspeninstitute.org or 970-544-7980.


Jane Harman, the Director, President, and CEO of the Wilson Center, is an internationally recognized authority on U.S. and global security issues, foreign relations and lawmaking. A native of Los Angeles and a public-school graduate, she went on to become a nine-term member of Congress, serving decades on the major security committees in the House of Representatives. Drawing upon a career that has included service as President Carter’s Secretary of the Cabinet and hundreds of diplomatic missions to foreign countries, Harman holds posts on nearly a dozen governmental and non-governmental advisory boards and commissions.