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Africa and the Middle East

SOF Three-Day Symposium: Iran: Past, Present, and Future

This expert-moderated seminar will examine the emergence of modern Iran against the backdrop of Iran’s political, social and diplomatic history. From the discovery and politics of oil, to the transition from secular society to the Islamic Republic, to the rise and fall of Iranian-American nuclear diplomacy, moderators Roham Alvandi and Suzanne Maloney will elucidate pivotal moments and themes in modern Iranian history through present day. What must we understand about the people, identity, government, and geopolitics of Iran to build a successful foreign policy in the years ahead?

Moderated by:

  • Dr.┬áRoham Alvandi, Associate Professor, International History and Director, Cold War Studies Project, London School of Economics and Political Science, and
  • Dr. Suzanne Maloney, Senior Fellow, Center for Middle East Policy and Deputy Director, Foreign Policy program, Brookings Institution.

Opening dinner followed by three half-day sessions

Event information
Mon Jul 30, 2018 - Thu Aug 2, 2018
6:30pm - 12:00pm EDT
Hines Room, Kresge Building
Aspen, CO