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SOF Vanguard Chapter Bay Area Discussion Reception: Peter Light

Please join us on Thursday, February 2 for an SOF Vanguard Chapter Bay Area Discussion Reception featuring Peter Light, clean energy expert and business innovator at X.

Peter is passionate about commercializing clean energy. Today, Peter works at X, an innovation lab spun out from Google focused on inventing and launching “moonshot” technologies that make the world a radically better place. Peter previously led Global Product Management at Bloom Energy. An accomplished sculptor and pilot, Peter holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Visual Art from Brown University.

The big issues of our day, like climate change, require investing in ideas that at first might look outlandish, even crazy. Yet the required scale to create global impact necessarily defines success as becoming part of our everyday infrastructure: the idea must become commonplace. Along this multi-stage trajectory from dream to reality, how do we determine where to best invest our talent and resources? Peter will share his experiences, as well as what we might we learn from other fields tackling enormous global challenges.

This Bay Area-based discussion reception series, featuring regular events throughout the year, is generously underwritten by Bonnie and Tom McCloskey and by Devon and Michael Karpowicz.

Event information
Thu Feb 2, 2017
6:00pm - 7:30pm GMT+0000
The Vault
415 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA