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Civic Action

The 2020 Presidential Election & the Latino Vote

America’s largest and diverse non-white voting bloc has made it clear that they are important actors in American politics, from Pennsylvania to Arizona.

Effectively mobilizing the Latino electorate is critical to the success of any campaign, from the White House to down-ballot. As we continue to confront our nation’s intersecting crises on our path to economic recovery, understanding the electoral preferences of Latino voters is essential to highlighting the nation’s policy priorities in a new decade. This conversation will highlight how record levels of Latino turnout impacted the outcome of key races, including in this cycle’s marquee battleground states, and what it means for the coming year. 

Join us for a powerful conversation moderated by María Elena Salinas, Award Winning-Journalist, featuring Tom PerezChairman of the Democratic National Committee; Mercedes Schlapp, Senior Advisor for the Trump Pence 2020 Campaign; Rudy Soto, Frm. Democratic Nominee for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District; and Dr. Matt Barreto, Professor of Political Science and Chicana/o Studies at UCLA.

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