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Health Care

The challenges of delivering world class health care featuring Stephen R.T. Evans, M.D., Exec. VP & Chief Medical Officer for MedStar Health

World class health care takes skillful leadership combined with a deep understanding of the American medical culture, the art and science of medicine, and the mechanics of how a hospital operates. Dr. Stephen Evans oversees the medical education, research, clinical quality, and risk management initiatives for MedStar Health. He is at the epicenter of how a large medical organization integrates and standardizes patient care practices across an enterprise of research, teaching, and quality control. Wye Fellow attendees will gain a better understanding of the relationship between insurance and drug companies, hospitals, and caregivers, and how better medicine is delivered to all patients in today’s world.

Event information
Thu Feb 7, 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm EDT
Houghton House
Wye River, MD