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The Rise of the 15-Minute Neighborhood

Innovation is oftentimes born out of crisis, and the evolution of cities is no exception to that rule. Urban planners, developers, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs have an opportunity to seize on this moment of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic and reimagine urban life.

How can we center our cities around people – not cars? Let’s reimagine where we live to prioritize racial and economic equity, health, environmental sustainability, and resilience to create inclusive and accessible cities.

Join Blueprint and The Aspen Institute Energy & Environment Program for a conversation featuring Professor Carlos Moreno of the Sorbonne, renowned urbanist and author Richard Florida, former New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, and REEF Technology’s Global Head of Public Policy, Padden Murphy, for a discussion moderated by The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson.

Derek Thompson is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where he writes about economics, labor markets, and the media. He is a news analyst and weekly contributor to “Here and Now,” an NPR news show, a news analyst for CBS, and appears regularly on MSNBC. Thompson is the author of the national best-selling book Hit Makers: How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction. In 2018, he became the host of The Atlantic’s third podcast series, “Crazy/Genius.”

Richard Florida is a researcher and professor, serving as University Professor at University of Toronto’s School of Cities and Rotman School of Management, and a Distinguished Fellow at NYU’s Schack School of Real Estate. He is a writer and journalist, having penned several global best sellers, including the award winning The Rise of the Creative Class and his most recent book, The New Urban Crisis. He is co-founder of CityLab, the leading publication devoted to cities and urbanism.

Carlos Moreno is a university professor and an international scientific personality. Recognized specialist of the intelligent control of the complex systems, he is also a pioneer in the field of the intelligent cities with his vision of a Human Smart City, a living city, of which he is one of the initiators and the organizers on the world scene.

Padden Murphy is Head of Communications & Public Affairs at REEF, a company on a mission to connect the world to your block. He has held senior roles at WeWork, Getaround, Lyft, and Adobe. He also serves on the board of Bunker Labs, on the Executive Council for Y Combinator Growth, and as a Montana Ambassador for the State of Montana.

Janette Sadik-Khan is one of the leading voices on urban technology and is internationally respected for her transformative redesigns of New York City streets and rapid-implementation strategies that are being replicated today in cities around the world.​She was Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation from 2007–2013 under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, leading one of the most sweeping revitalizations of the city’s streets in a half-century.

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Thu Nov 19, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT