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Transforming Cities: Towards Smart Forms of Governance

Central European cities take part in the global process of transformation that affects urban economies, environment, and governance. Creative and cultural industries increase their share in cities’ economic performance, many local initiatives and projects arise, and the bonds between citizens tighten. This, in combination with modern technologies, helps the creation of smart cities. Most of these local initiatives are bottom-up and thanks to modern communication technologies they enter public sphere and governance – areas that were traditionally occupied by local governments. By utilizing social networks, such initiatives are faster and more effective, but often limited in their influence and outreach, as local governments possess more competences and financial resources.

The speakers will discuss how to utilize citizens’ growing participation for improving the quality of governance and the city life. Questions that will be explored include how to create an environment that favors dialogue between various sectors participating in urban transformation, and whether we can expect the initiatives to become politicized and to compete with traditional political parties in local elections.

This invitation-only discussion will be moderated by philosopher Roger Scruton. Special guests include:

Eva Jiřičná, Architect

Tomáš Hudeček, Mayor of Prague

Pablo Otaola, General Manager, Zorrotzaurre Management Commission, Bilbao

Jiří Devát, General Director, Cisco Czech Republic

The panel discussion Transforming Cities is organized in cooperation with the Forum 2000 Foundation and will be held within the 17th Annual Forum 2000 Conference in Prague.

Event information
Tue Sep 17, 2013
10:30am - 12:00pm GMT+0000
Zofin Palace, Slovansky ostrov 226, 110 00 Prague 1