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United in Generosity: The Many Shapes of Giving Across America

Generosity is a value that people around the world share. How each culture, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or community uplifts and expresses generosity is unique. Across the U.S.—in rural neighborhoods, communities of faith, and multicultural groups—what we do and how we give to help each other differs. Join our panel of Aspen Institute leaders to discuss generosity’s many forms in our country, how it informs a sense of belonging, builds community strength, and how these different interpretations can influence engagement levels with nonprofits. Co-hosted by the Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation and The Generosity Commission.

This event is hosted by the Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation in partnership with The Generosity Commission


Moderated by Jane Wales, Co-Chair, The Generosity Commission and Executive Director, the Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation.


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Tue Apr 16, 2024
2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT