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Webinar: Apprenticeship American-Style

About this Webinar:

The webinar provides tips and tools to those looking to align an apprenticeship with community college credentials, embed their apprenticeship in labor market information, and register an apprenticeship. Webinar presenters share from their experiences as designers of existing programs and resources.


DOL seeks to support the expansion of quality and innovative American Apprenticeship programs into high-growth occupation(s) and industry(s), and support American apprenticeship. To achieve this goal, they are inviting public-private partnerships to apply for grants to develop and implement innovative, high-quality registered apprenticeship programs. Up to $100 million will be distributed.


Scheduled presenters include:

Peter Creticos, Institute on Work and the Economy

Dr. Clay Goodman, Estrella Mountain Community College

Rob Sentz, EMSI

Diana Polson, Institute on Work and the Economy

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Event information
Wed Feb 18, 2015
2:00pm - 3:00pm GMT+0000