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SOF Vanguard Reception: An End to “Democrazy?”: Would a Third Party Change Politics?

Greg Orman was declared “the most interesting man in politics” at the time of his 2014 campaign by NBC News. Since then, he has spent his time writing A Declaration of Independents which delves deep into the failures of the two-party system of Washington. In his book, Orman makes a compelling case for the Independent approach and the importance of the emergence of a strong third party; he portends that the very existence of the middle class, our standard of living, and status in the world are at risk if the status quo prevails.

Orman will engage us in conversation and force us to consider critical questions we face: do strong third parties have real potential to end gridlock? How can the rise of the independent party change the current political climate and return us to a functional and effective democratic state? If so, how do we strengthen the support for third parties? Why are independents better values-based leaders than democrats or republicans?
What is the role of the voter in putting an end to gridlock?

*This event is by invitation only. 

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Wed Jul 6, 2016
6:00pm - 8:00pm GMT+0000