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Yale Philanthropy Conference 2020

At YPC 2020, we’re exploring the complex and dynamic ways philanthropy aims to address today’s most pressing social issues and how the sector is evolving to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Through examination of innovative partnerships and giving structures, the entry of new generations of donors, the role of philanthropic equity, trends in giving and politics, intersectional philanthropy, and more, YPC 2020 will dive into how philanthropy can marshal its financial resources and social capital to make a lasting impact today and beyond.

Ida Rademacher joined YPC 2020 held at the Yale School of Management to as a speaker in the workshop titled, “How to Turn Philanthropic Equity into an Asset Class” where she discussed innovative new tools to support greater philanthropic investment in ventures that build financial security and address wealth inequality. 

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Fri Feb 14, 2020
Yale School of Management