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Working Group Process and Members

February 4, 2019  • Aspen Economic Strategy Group

Each of the three discussion papers contained in this volume are the product of 12 months of work by a bipartisan working group comprised of a small set of Aspen Economic Strategy Group members and co-led by a pair of two members. Working groups were charged with developing a policy response to address a specific policy challenge, and collaborated throughout the spring and summer of 2018 to discuss various options for addressing their particular challenge. Working group members drew from the policy memos that are featured in this volume, pre-existing policy proposals and research papers, and, of course, their combined years of experience and expertise.

The working group co-leads made the final determination of what was included in each discussion paper. The working groups did not strive to achieve consensus, but in each case, there is broad support amongst working group members for the general policy response advocated for in the discussion paper. Not all working group members necessarily agree with or endorse every specific recommendation made in their group’s discussion paper. Each member of the working group participated in their individual capacities and the views reflected herein do not necessarily represent the views of the institutions they lead or represent.

Working Group on Developing Human Capital for the Modern, Global Economy


Austan Goolsbee
Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics
Booth School of Business
The University of Chicago

Glenn Hubbard
Dean and Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics
Columbia Business School

Sylvia M. Burwell
American University

Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.
Purdue University

Melissa S. Kearney
Neil Moskowitz Professor of Economics
The University of Maryland

Ruth Porat
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Penny Pritzker
Founder and Chairman
PSP Partners

Margaret Spellings
University of North Carolina System

Working Group on Increasing Prime-Age Labor Force Participation


Keith Hennessey
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University

Bruce Reed
CEO and Co-founder
Civic LLC

David Cote
GS Acquisitions Holding Corporation

Brian Deese
Global Head of Sustainable Investing

Danielle Gray
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

N. Gregory Mankiw
Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics
Harvard University

Magne Mogstad
Gary S. Becker Professor in Economics and the College
Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics
University of Chicago

Working Group on Expanding Private-Sector Wage Growth and Job Creation


Jason Furman
Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy
John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University

Phillip Swagel
Professor in International Economic Policy
University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Wally Adeyemo
Senior Adviser
Center for Strategic & International Studies

Martin Feldstein
George F. Baker Professor of Economics
Harvard University

Maya MacGuineas
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Robert K. Steel
Partner and CEO
Perella Weinberg Partners