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Pack Your Bags

October 18, 2017  • Institute Staff

Scholarship resources make it possible for people from many backgrounds and experiences to connect with the Institute community and each other. Every year, approximately 1,000 scholars attend Institute seminars, roundtables, and events across the United States­—there were 345 at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival alone. Whether a scholar needs financial assistance or simply offers a unique perspective not represented around the table, all scholarship recipients deeply enrich the conversations in which they participate. To learn how you can support scholars please contact Katherine Eklund, the Institute’s senior associate for philanthropic partnerships and campaigns, at or call 202.736.3511.

“It is hard to think of another occasion when I’ve had the opportunity to be surrounded by luminaries in almost every field imaginable. I watched an amazing movement-art performance, listened to the top minds in the tech industry and tech policy, and met the nation’s leading immigrant-rights activists. The collection of people and experiences is just unparalleled. I’m particularly grateful to the Aspen Ideas Festival scholars and events teams, who made my visit seamless.”

– Alvaro Bedoya, 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival scholar; executive director, Center on Privacy & Technology, Georgetown University Law Center

“As someone deeply involved in political and policy debates in our country, having the opportunity to read some of the nation’s important, fundamental documents—such as the Lincoln-Douglas debates, the Seneca Falls Declaration, and Martin Luther King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail—was an intellectual treat. The Socrates seminar provided a much-needed opportunity to wrestle with hard questions of American identity and democracy—and to do so with such thoughtful and different colleagues.”

Maria Echaveste, 2017 Socrates Program scholar; policy and program development director, Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy, Berkeley School of Law