Family Finances

A Blueprint for Families

October 1, 2018  • Institute Staff

“Meet families where they dream, as opposed to where they are,” Janine McMahon, a parent leader, told the audience at the Institute’s Ascend State Solutions Series forum. The event marked the release of the Ascend program’s report, States Leading the Way: Practical Solutions that Lift Up Children and Families. The forum featured experts and local leaders— including state commissioners, agency directors, state secretaries, and parents—who shared insights into successful two-generation, or “2Gen,” solutions: that is, solutions focused on both children and parents. States Leading the Way offers a blueprint for leaders looking for 2Gen approaches to get families out of poverty. It profiles successful strategies from both Democratic and Republican officials in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Utah. These eight states, with two dozen more preparing to take part, are providing education, social services, and job training to parents and children with an eye toward economi’c security for families and economic growth for states. Institute CEO Dan Porterfield gave the forums keynote address, sharing his own 2Gen success story and adding: “Now I get the opportunity to shine a light on people we should be supporting in this society.” The next State Solutions Series event—on November 29, in Washington, DC—will be a partnership with the GOOD+ Foundation focused on supporting fathers.