Around the Institute

The Heights of Summer

October 1, 2018  • Institute Staff

When the snow melts and the mountains are instead blanketed by vibrant wildflowers, Aspen transforms into a gathering ground. Artists, journalists, leaders, writers, academics, and musicians come to share their ideas—just as Institute founder Walter Paepcke envisioned they would. Summers in Aspen are perfect for the intellectually omnivorous. The Institute campus is a wellspring of creative ideas and discussions—discussions that range from the widening racial wealth gap to the benefits of forest therapy.

This summer featured the Economic Security Summit, which explored the challenges facing American workers and families in today’s changing economy. Experts at Spotlight Health examined the current state of health and medicine around the globe. Government officials and industry experts at the Aspen Security Forum took on top national security issues. At the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, fellows from the Aspen Global Leadership Network reflected on what it means to be fearless. And, of course, the Institute’s touchstone gathering, the Aspen Ideas Festival, brought together an audience of curious thousands and the best minds in science, art, policy, and politics.

Each of these events gives visitors a broad view of the opinions, experiences, and ideas that shape the world outside this little mountain town. And every summer, we reach new heights.