Conversations by the Bay

December 15, 2018  • Institute Staff

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Institute’s Morris Series on Leadership and Innovation. Made possible by trustee Diane L. Morris, the series brings the Institute to San Francisco and introduces the Bay Area to the Institute’s programs. The series hosts four events annually that highlight innovation and technology. As a result, thousands of West Coast residents have had firsthand access to leading experts in tech, the environment, and politics—like Khan Academy founder Sal Khan, Ideo founder David Kelly, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, journalist Thomas Friedman, and explorer Sylvia Earle. “It has been wonderful to stimulate important conversations that need to take place,” Morris says. “Innovative ideas drive civil societies around the world toward new challenges, and technology is redefining leadership.” Next up, the series will host a collaboration with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to discover what China can teach America through technological and cultural exchanges.