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Big in Kyiv

December 5, 2019  • Institute Staff

The Institute’s small but passionate Aspen Institute Kyiv team has had some striking accomplishments recently. This fall, they held their second Ideas Festival. (Aspen Kyiv and Aspen India are the only two international branches of the Institute that host an Ideas Festival.) It was a resounding success, with more than 3,000 registrants and 160 speakers. That achievement is perhaps unsurprising given the importance of the people connecting with the Institute in Ukraine. There are an incredible number of young Aspen Kyiv alumni in the new government, including the newly named prime minister, 23 of the 230 ministers in Parliament, and five Cabinet members. It is a striking endorsement of Aspen Kyiv’s reach. Demand for their various seminars is through the roof, averaging a 14-person deep waitlist for every slot in their basic Executive Leadership Seminar. In the last decade, seminar attendance has gone from 24 total seminar participants to almost 600. Aspen Kyiv also has five policy programs, including their Good Governance Forum, which explores critical issues of trust and democracy, social media, and Russian propaganda.