Towards a New Rules-Based Order

The Aspen Strategy Group (ASG) is proud to publish reflections from this years’ ASG Summer Workshop titled Towards a New Rules-Based Order. Our authors’ pieces examine different dimensions of today’s shifting international environment, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the global security order, adaptive economic institutions, and NATO’s renewed importance on the world stage. 

We are pleased to share this collection of original essays, as well as a number of related articles on the workshop theme that were published by our meeting participants in major media outlets.

Contributors include: Robert M. Gates, Susan Glasser, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Robert B. Zoellick.

Table of Contents

Essay 1
A New Security Order
Robert M. Gates

Essay 2
Vladimir Putin Doesn’t Want Your Off-Ramp
Susan Glasser

Essay 3
Global Security Disorder
Kay Bailey Hutchison

Essay 4
Adaptive Economics
Robert B. Zoellick

Related Content

In order to maximize the impact of our discussions and reach a broader audience, some of the participants from this year’s meeting published articles in major media outlets to amplify the key ideas discussed. Their commentary is featured below.

We would like to thank Susan Glasser, Rose Gottemoeller, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., David Petraeus, Kevin Rudd, and Anne-Marie Slaughter for contributing these articles.