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Advancing Frontline Employee Voice: Knowledge is Power

August 21, 2021  • Emily Hanning (Talent Rewire)

Workforce Strategies Initiative Associate Director Jenny Weissbourd and Research Associate Yoorie Chang joined Talent Rewire to discuss the importance of giving workers a voice on the job. Below we share an excerpt from the article, which originally appeared on the Talent Rewire blog.

Employers, it is time to throw away that old adage that you “don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to!” Creating an environment where frontline employees can and will openly share their insights with you is key to implementing practice changes to retain and grow your team. And if you don’t have multiple channels for employees to share insights with you, you are likely missing out on insights from those closest to your business and your customers.

We know practice change isn’t easy and we’re here to help guide you so today we’re sharing a few tips from a recent Community Conversation we hosted with the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program and Well Crafted Pizza about Advancing Worker Voice.

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