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Apprenticeships for the Modern World

January 17, 2018  • National Network of Business and Industry Associations

UpSkill America is pleased to share this resource from one of our partners in the upskilling movement.

Policymakers and stakeholders, including the Department of Labor’s Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion, are looking for new strategies to tackle our nation’s skills gaps through expanded apprenticeship opportunities. In a new report, the National Network of Business and Industry Associations features the stories of our members and other employers across the country who are rising to this challenge with innovative, industry-led solutions that are putting Americans on the path to career success. From an initiative to advance skills for entry-level health care workers in Kentucky to a fast-track training program to meet demand in the machining industry, employers are working outside of the federal Registered Apprenticeship Program and embracing competency-based work-and-learn models with the elements that define a quality apprenticeship. Apprenticeships for the Modern World highlights successful programs that include blended learning, mentorship, competency-based training, a direct tie to industry-recognized credentials and either paid work experience or an employment relationship.

To read the report, visit nationalnetwork.org/blog/new-national-network-report-apprenticeships-for-the-modern-world.


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