Aspen Times: Past and present take center stage at Aspen Ideas

June 24, 2019  • Daniel R. Porterfield

“One only needs to see the differing public reactions to President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision Thursday to not strike Iran as an indicator of how quickly Americans are to make up their minds, Walter Isaacson told a near full house at Paepcke Auditorium on Sunday.

“In this age of Trump, we automatically go to our corners when something happens,” he said. “I’ll give an example that won’t maybe be popular, but Trump a few days ago decides not to strike in Iran. … Instantly, though, every Democrat is saying that Trump is this (inaudible) and I’m saying, ‘Wait a minute, I actually think he’s actually right here. But we instantly go to our corner and say ‘that was horrible, what he just did,’ or ‘that was wonderful, what he just did,’ as opposed to thinking it through and saying ‘let me judge it as if we’re having a good argument and not just a bitter argument.’”

That was one instance of many that Isaacson and Aspen Institute President and CEO Dan Porterfield batted around during their sit-down about the erosion of trust and faith in such American institutions…”

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