Immigration and Society

Dispelling Myths of the Border

August 15, 2017  • Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program OLD

Image result for huffpost logo“Growing up along the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border, the interrelation of our two communities is ingrained in our DNA. It’s part of everyday life; waking up on one side of the border, traveling to the other for work, to visit relatives or enjoy some good food; and then heading back home with the hundreds of people that cross the border daily. Despite the long wait times to cross the border, the flow between our two cities remains seamless and undisrupted.

However, politicians that are far removed from the realities of the border, talk about erecting a big great wall that would disrupt the harmonious relationship we share along the border. They speak of keeping out criminals and rapists, while we know it’s often grandmothers, students and hardworking people that cross daily: do we want to keep them out too?

For those of us who embrace the border for what it is — a gateway between two nations that facilitates trade, economic activity, the exchange of culture and traditions, and interactions between people — it’s important to lift up the realities of the border. While we can spend significant time dispelling myths, what we would rather do is invite people to come and experience the border firsthand.”

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