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Employers Elevate Employees’ Education Attainment

November 17, 2015  • Caroline Miller (Pearson)

UpSkill America is an employer-led movement to expand opportunity for America’s workers and allow our economy and communities to thrive. As part of our mission to advance the upskilling movement, we are pleased to share the following interview from one of our partners.

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Across the country, organizations are putting differences aside and coming together to elevate the education and skills of working Americans at all levels. One need look no further than the national coalition UpSkill America to see how this movement is afoot. One of the inaugural and very active members of that coalition is the Committee for Economic Development of The Conference Board (CED), which is conducting research and developing strategies for employers creating education and training programs.

Funded by Lumina Foundation, and published in spring 2015, CED released “A National Imperative: the Role of Business in Promoting Educational Attainment” report that examines efforts by businesses across the country to increase their employees’ educational attainment. The report highlights successful endeavors by companies in Detroit, Memphis, New York City, and Miami, and shares how businesses like CVS Health, Xerox, and FedEx are partnering with colleges, local governments, and economic development organizations to develop strategies for creating innovative job training programs.

In this podcast, Cindy Cisneros, vice president of education programs at CED, talks in depth about CED’s research, and shares insights businesses can use in their own development of job training programs.

This piece was excerpted from “Employers Elevate Employees’ Education Attainment” by Pearson’s Caroline Miller. Click here to read more.


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Employment and Jobs
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