Workforce Development

Happy Labor Day!

September 7, 2015  • Economic Opportunities Program

To celebrate Labor Day, we are highlighting some of the recent, innovative projects coming out of the Economic Opportunities Program. These projects come from the Economic Opportunities Program’s three main initiatives—AspenWSI, FIELD, and Skills for America’s Future—and cover topics such as workforce development, job quality, self-employment and small business, and more.

What the Economic Opportunities Program has been working on…

1. Working in America: An ongoing discussion series that highlights critical employment and job quality issues affecting low- and moderate-income workers in the United States.

2. Microbusiness, Gainful Jobs: A recent report on the quality of microenterprise jobs, produced by FIELD.

3. Models of Success: A project of Skills for America’s Future, building partnerships between companies, community colleges, labor unions and industry associations to ensure workers have the skills they need to access good jobs.

4. The Communities that Work Partnership: A joint project between the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration and AspenWSI, building regional partnerships and accelerating talent-based economic development across the United States.

5. Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights: A product of the Responsible Lending Coalition, which FIELD helped to coordinate.

6. Courses to Employment: A report produced by AspenWSI on the ways that community colleges and nonprofits are partnering to help low-income workers access good jobs.

7.Which Political Candidates Value Work? Policy Clues to Look For” by Maureen Conway, Executive Director of the Economic Opportunities Program.