Workforce Development

The Key to Surviving in the Age of Automation

February 2, 2017  • Richard Eisenberg

I recently learned about a few encouraging examples of companies “making work work” during the Aspen Institute’s recent Good Companies/Good Jobs webinar.

At the Anne Arundel Health System in the Baltimore area, for example, medical assistants now get trained to do some of the work physicians there did in the past. This allows the doctors to see more patients and the assistants to feel more needed — with less burnout. Equally important, said Dr. Robert Eden, who devised the system: “The patients see they have a team supporting them, as opposed to just a doctor alone.”

Click here to read the full article on NextAvenue.

Workforce Development
Making Work AND Family Work – For Working Parents and Their Employers
April 4, 2017 • Mark G. Popovich


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