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Perfecting US-Vietnam Relations

December 26, 2018  • The Agent Orange in Vietnam Program

Charles Bailey and Le Ke Son continue to provide the latest information and insights about Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam through periodic updates to their book, From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam, the U.S. and Agent Orange. They aim to show what the two governments can do to deepen their partnership on Agent Orange.

Their policy brief makes six recommendations to “perfect the partnership.”

Their book postscript tabulates U.S. expenditures on health/disability services by year and province and the total numbers of severely disabled Vietnamese in the eight provinces where USAID is currently working. The authors use these data to recommend how U.S. diplomats can speak more forcefully and frankly about the progress so far and the road ahead.

Letter to Ambassador Kritenbrick & Policy Brief (ENGLISH)

Nhấn vào đây để xem bản tiếng Việt (VIETNAMESE)

From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam Postscript and charts