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Recasting American Apprenticeship

November 15, 2015  • UpSkill America

Apprenticeship is one of the proven upskilling models we promote at UpSkill America. Our founding partners at Skills for America’s Future have just released a new report, Recasting American Apprenticeship, which is a review of findings and a set of recommendations for businesses to realize apprenticeship as a workforce development strategy. This report sheds light on the obstacles to participation for those businesses with a demand for skilled workers yet uncertain about using apprenticeships to build their workforce. Our varied investigative efforts address three topics:

  • Resources needed to grow employer involvement;
  • Employer motivations for sponsoring apprenticeship training beyond return on human capital investment; and
  • Efforts to structure apprenticeships for greater equity and inclusion.

Recasting American Apprenticeship also offers recommendations for exposing more businesses to the value of apprenticeship and moving stakeholders beyond the traditional barriers to apprenticeship.


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Employment and Jobs
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