Sheila Maguire

Sheila is a Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program focusing on leadership and talent development in the workforce field. Sheila designed and served as lead faculty for the Aspen Institute’s National Sector Skills Academy and has developed and lead local leadership academies in Seattle, Baltimore, and New York City. In addition to her work at the Aspen Institute, Ms. Maguire designs and facilitates peer exchange and learning communities among practitioners from non-profit organizations, government agencies, employer associations, union efforts running employment programs. Ms. Maguire’s clients include the Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Urban Institute, The New York Community Trust, Policy Link, The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, JobsFirstNYC and the City University of New York, Graduate Center’s Labor Market Information Service.

Sheila brings experience as a practitioner, capacity-builder, and researcher to her work. Ms. Maguire founded Training, Inc. at Essex County College (Newark, NJ) where she placed welfare recipients, people returning from prison and young adults into jobs and developed industry-specific certificates that provided skills for immediate employment and the start of a college career. As a senior staff person at Public Private Ventures, Ms. Maguire headed the evaluation team for a Random Control Trail (RTC) of three nonprofit sector-based training programs, created curriculum for frontline employer-facing job development staff, and supported social purpose staffing agencies in the Gulf Coast.

Ms. Maguire has authored or coauthored various publications including Optimizing Talent: The Promise and Perils of Adapting Sector Strategies for Young Adults, Aspen Institute and JobsFirstNYC 2016; The Value of Credentials for Disadvantaged Workers, Aspen Institute 2016; Five Hurricanes and an Oil Spill: Lesson for the Gulf Coast Alternative Staffing Initiative, Southwest Center for Economic Integrity 2014; Tuning in to Local Labor Markets: Findings from the Sectoral Employment Impact Study, P/PV 2010; A Foot in the Door: Using Alternative Staffing Organizations to Open Up Opportunities for Disadvantaged Workers. P/PV, 2009; Hard Work on Soft Skills: Creating a Culture of Work, P/PV 2009.

Ms. Maguire holds a B.A. in adult learning from the Gallatin Division at New York University (honors scholar) and an M.S. in organizational development (with distinction) from American University. Ms. Maguire was a founding board member of the National Skills Coalition, an advisor to the New York City Labor Market Information Service, and an ambassador for her hometown of Coventry in the UK.

Before moving to the United States, Ms. Maguire worked in community development Speke, Liverpool and the Isle of Dogs in London’s East End, the Abruzzi region of Italy, and bustee communities in Calcutta, India.

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