Angela Gao

Angela Gao joined the Business & Society Program in October 2021 as a Program Coordinator.

When Angela was obtaining her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business at York University, she was introduced to the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility and the viability of aligning business with social and environmental good. Post-graduation, she relocated to Shanghai, China to support Maserati China’s Corporate Social Responsibility department.

Realizing a need to increase her knowledge to create the waves she wanted and to tackle issues at the root, Angela then obtained a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Social Work with a focus on Social Enterprise Administration where she explored the structures that uphold the various -isms and injustices in our communities on both a micro and macro scale.

In terms of her hobbies, Angela sees herself as a “generalist”. She tends to lose herself in activities from equestrian, to snowboarding, to practicing various arts, while always looking for new adventures.