Camilo Andres Ferro

Camilo Andres Ferro

Ricardo Salinas Scholar, Ricardo Salinas Scholarship

Camilo Andres Ferro (Chicago, Illinois) is Managing Partner, Renew Packaging and Toss Group and has over 10 years in business development, supply chain, product innovation, strategy and marketing implementation.

Camilo Andres Ferro (Chicago, Illinois) is the Founder and Managing Partner of Renew Packaging, where he oversees the day-to-day operations including setting goals and managing the direct and indirect sales channels.  A long-time entrepreneur, Camilo has accumulated over 11 years of experience in business strategy, supply chain management, product innovation, marketing and solution oriented sales.

In addition to Renew, Camilo is a partner of Toss Group, a consultancy focused on waste diversion strategies. With a strong belief in the potential of social enterprise, Camilo strives to raise awareness of sustainable business practices through the development of innovative products and zero waste initiatives. Currently Renew Packaging and Toss Group focus on the use of compostable products to develop and grow grass roots composting infrastructure at both the local, and national level.

Currently residing in Chicago, in his spare time, Camilo is an avid cyclist who also enjoys spending time with his dog, Robert Deniro, and follows the local Chicago music scene. Camilo has a Bachelor’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago. (Attended Global Alliances Program, delegation to Cuba)