Carolyn Saenz-Esterhuyse

Carolyn Saenz-Esterhuyse

Toronto Sector Skills Academy, Class of 2018, Economic Opportunities Program

Manager of Local Economic Opportunities, East Scarborough Storefront, Toronto, ON

Carolyn Saenz-Esterhuyse is the Manager of Local Economic Opportunities for the East Scarborough Storefront. To inspire and support community wealth in East Scarborough, Carolyn brings forth a passion for seeking out long-term, positive changes for the Kingston-Galloway Orton Park (KGO) community, a commitment to collaborating with all stakeholders, and an enthusiasm for new approaches. After spending nearly a decade overseeing the delivery of employment programs and supporting job seekers, Carolyn has witnessed the social and economic issues common to inner suburban communities and their negative impact on local residents trying to escape their impoverished circumstances. Carolyn dedicates time to understanding various ideas, aligning common goals and openly sharing opportunities that contribute to increasing community wealth. Through these efforts, Carolyn supports groups to develop essential foundations of trust to maintain momentum and continues working closely with others to connect local job seekers to sustainable employment opportunities in East Scarborough.

Carolyn Saenz-Esterhuyse is a member of the Toronto Sector Skills Academy, Class of 2018, one of several Workforce Leadership Academies in localities across North America.

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