Catherine Cuello-Fuente

Catherine Cuello-Fuente

2016 Ricardo Salinas Scholar, Ricardo Salinas Scholarship

Catherine Cuello-Fuente (New York, New York) is an entrepreneur that uses her skills to help others unlock their true potential through creativity and mindfulness.

Catherine is a communications strategist and an entrepreneur. She’s the founder and head publicist of WLDFLWR, a do-good public relations firm based in Brooklyn for the eco-friendly, conscientious and courageous. It prides itself on working with agents of changemotherslightworkerscompanies empowering women, Fortune 500’s targeting millennials, multicultural communities— and most importantly, doers elevating the collective consciousnessmaking the world a cleaner and safer place and influencing public policy for the better. WLDFLWR is passionate about telling the stories of those that aren’t told.

Formerly, she was the creatress of GreenHopping, an app connecting you to the nearest plant-based restaurants and green juice bars nationwide (2013-2016). She went raw vegan to heal her immune system after a major health scare and since then has adopted a vegan lifestyle. Catherine was named a “Top Food Tech Entrepreneur to Watch in NYC” by AlleyWatch. She served as assistant press secretary in Tampa, Florida during President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign – and acted as the press secretary for Judge Rita Mella during her race for Surrogate Court in New York City, which she won. 

Catherine earned her BA in Politics and International Relations from Coventry University, England and is completing an MA in Food Studies, Culture, and Policy from New York University (NYU). She is originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic but grew up partially in Geneva, Switzerland, and Brussels, Belgium. You can follow her journey here.