Hannah Teverbaugh

Hannah Teverbaugh

Belleville East High School, Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship

Hannah Teverbaugh is a junior at Belleville East High School, in the top 100 out of 600 in her class, and presides as a youth leader in her local, and metropolitan area. Besides being an English Honor Society member, she serves as the co-captain of the Racial Harmony Club. The club specializes in connecting the diverse races, genders, and ethnicities of the school as a cohesive group. The circle also pursues volunteer ventures that reach out to middle and elementary schoolers in the area.

Hannah and her cohort Jasmine Adams also sit on the Wolf Branch Cultural Diversity Committee. The committee addresses the differences in the school that have, in the past, caused issues. The diverse committee of parents, teachers, and Hannah and Jasmine as the voice of the youth, put creative and resourceful plans into action at the middle school to raise awareness and increase understanding amongst the 5th through 8th graders.

Hannah was also selected to be part of a group of 10 students to participate in a two year program called Gateway2Change. Gateway2Change Student Summits on Race inspire and motivate young people to become leaders for positive change in their local community. This unique approach has helped young people such as Hannah, engage in purposeful conversations about the social and cultural differences that exist within the St. Louis region.

Although only 17 years of age, Hannah plans on attending school to become a medical professional. She is a proud attendee of the BESt Summer Pharmacy Institute.